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I've been spending my free time breeding to get shinies with at least 5 perfect IVs, and I'm still continuing. The problem is, it's been a few months and I've gotten 2 shiny Tyrunt with HA from breeding, but not with the desired IVs. The first one has 31 IVs to all except Sp Def and the second one has 31 IVs to all except Attack. Their nature is Jolly.

Will those IVs, not being 31, hurt my Tyrunt/Tyrantrum when they're in their level 50s or 100s or it's just a minor 1 or 2 points here and there? 'Cause I'm really bored now with that Pokémon, but it's still my favourite one.

Thank you for those who answered!

You'd have to play knowing that you're disadvantaged, but you can probably get away training the one without 31 in Special Defence. At level 100 every missed IV is worth one stat point -- you can decide whether it's worth it based on that.
Yeah, that's what I'm contemplating about, but since you and Blaze2664 suggested to train the one without perfect Sp Def, I think I'll go with that since it's now months since I started breeding this Poke.  Thanks for your suggestion! =D

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To start of, a Jolly Tyrunt/Tyrantrum is one of the best natures to get, so you don't have to worry about the nature hurting you.

In concern to IV's, you will definitely want to train the Tyrantrum with the all 31 IV but SpDef. If you look at Tyrantrum's base stats, it has great Atk/Def, moderately good HP/Spd, but very low SpAtk and SpDef. So, even if you had a 31 IV in SpDef, your SpDef stat at lvl100 will not even cross the 200-stat mark, since there's no benefit in training it's SpDef EV, as well as having a nature that has no effect of SpDef anyways. So, not having a Tyrantrum with 31 SpDef IV will not hurt it whatsoever. So, definitely train this Tyrunt with EV's mixed around in Atk/Def/Spd, and you'll have one heck of a Tyrantrum.

In concern to the Tyrantrum with the 31 IV's attack, unless the actual IV for attack is ~25+, it will not be any better than the Tyrantrum will lower SpDef IV - and you do want to have a Tyrunt with great Atk since it's its best base stat.

Hope I helped! :)

Nice! Thanks! You really helped a lot. I'm getting bored for months now, breeding for a shiny Tyrunt with 31 IVs except Sp Atk. Better stop this madness and breed other Pokes, haha... I'm gonna follow your suggestions. =D