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I know its kinda stupid but people purposley put 0 iv's in a usless stat with perfect in others does this have a point? Ii know they don't need them but still why? Its lowering a stat.


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No. But there is a reason for this.

If you see 0Iv in attack it’s because the Pokémon is a special attacker and will end up taking less damage from confusion.

0IV in Speed is probably found on a Kyorge or Groudon (Or anything else with weather changing abilities) that wants to set up its type of weather.

0IVs In Speed is also helpful for Trick Room, Gyro Ball, slow U-Turn, moves that double in power if the user goes last etc.

Also for moves like Power Swap and Guard Swap, having 0Ivs can give your opponent less of an advantage.

But having 0IV’s in one stat will not increase another.

Special attackers using moves like Foul Play that use your opponents attack stat usually carry 0IVs in attack because of the confusion reason stated above.

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0 Speed can also help with Trick Room, Gyro Ball, slow U-Turn, etc.
Oh. Right.
Thanks trick room understandible but if it wasn't for you would not know about the confusion thing.