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I need to know a few things;
1. When ditto transforms into a Pokemon does it copy EVs and IVs, natures etc.
2. Which tier is it in?
3. Can I breed ditto?

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Ditto copies the opponents stats Except HP when transformed
It is never used NU
You cannot breed a ditto with anything to get another ditto

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It's the only NU pokemon to easily clasp a gigantic grip on every tier, so it's basically viable in every tier, everybody just stated the lowest tier at which it's viable lol
The opponent's non-HP stats, that is.
this is wrong, ditto doesnt copy the hp stat
^ that's exactly what pimplup said -_-"
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1) No, it does not copy EVs, but it does copy all the stats of the opponent except HP, so there is no use EV training in any stat but HP. But it fakes the EVs.

2) It is NeverUsed.

3) Yes, it can breed with any Pokemon other than Pokemon in the Undiscovered Egg Group which include most legendaries and all baby Pokemon.

I think what he wanted to know with 3 was can a Ditto breed with a Ditto. (It can)
You should probably max attack too rather than just Hp, because there are some pokemon he can't transform into(e.g Zoroark behind an illusion, pokemon behind a substitute, so incase you have to use struggle.You probably wouldn't stay in, but it's better than not training it other than Hp.

Fact: Ditto copies stat changes too when he transforms.
Sorry about that, but this is wrong.  I wish I could get a second Deoxys, but I can't.
I think he was trying to say "other than" but he missed the than. I upvoted it back up.