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In Gen.1 shininess in a Pokemon was determined by whether it had perfect IV's or not, but does this mean there was a higher chance of encountering a shiny in Gen.1? Or is it there just a 1/8192 chance to find a Pokemon with perfect IVs in Gen.1?

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There were no Shinies in Gen I. But in Gen II, there was a way higher chance of finding a Shiny.


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The pic is cool.
I found a shiny Marrill in Silver way back when haha
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Anything you find in grass, caves, or surfing in RBY has exactly a 0% chance of becoming shiny when you trade it forward, due to constraints on the RNG state that are required in order to get a wild encounter in the first place. Static encounters (like Snorlax or Mewtwo), straight-up gifts (Lapras or Eevee), in-game trades with NPCs, and fishing encounters don't place those constraints, so those could be generated with the combinations of stats that would become shiny, but at the original 1/8192 odds, and you wouldn't know that they were set to become shiny without careful reading of stats or actually committing to the trade forward.

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Technically there were shinies in gen 1, but since there wasn’t much color in the original game you wouldn’t see the shiny until you traded to a gen 2 game. I transferred a Normal looking snorlax from Pokémon blue to Pokémon silver and when it arrived in silver it was a shiny. As I kept transferring Pokémon over I found that there were quite a few Pokémon that arrived as shinies. Did some research and you can’t get a shiny from a trade, they have to already be a shiny before the trade, so therefor there are hidden shinies in gen 1 that may present themselves when traded to a gen 2 game.

Do you know what the chance is for a random Generation 1 Pokemon to become shiny?