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i seemed to have recieved any Pokemon in return to ditto. I deposited a level 50 ditto and asked in return a level 100 eelektross, another a level 100 regigigas, a lvl 92 articuno and bingo I recieved all of them. Is ditto really so special?

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I have got to try this.
Won't beleive, recieved a arceus of lvl 100 by the same method. The info shows it is from entree forest!

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It is very likely that someone from another country is taking your Ditto's for the purpose of using the Masuda Method. If this is the case, your Ditto's would be very valuable to any player in a foreign country.

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They are probably hackers. Hackers can do anything for Pokemon. As Ben said, they are pretty valuable BUT seeing as you have such high leveled Pokemon they must be hackers trying to ruin your game and basically get free Pokemon.

That's way to much trolling
Lol, who needs a damn ditto?
How to know that the pokemon is a hacked one, 'cos not everyone would be trading a hacked pokemon!!!!!
I have even recieved kingdra for this trade, and i often trade the legendaries for ditto, but the most amazing thing than no one takes it in gts negotiations!