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I looked at the page with the TMs in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, and I saw that someone named Sage will give you many TMs and maybe HMs. Please help me!

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Sage isn't a person. It is a title. It is a name for a leader of Team Plasma. There are seven of them and their names are Ghetsis, Rood, Zinzolin, Gorm, Giallo, Ryoku, and Bronius.
Each of the sages give out a different TM before being arrested by the looker. The TMs that they will give out are:
-Ghetsis gives you nothing
-Gorm gives you TM75 swords dance in the dreamyard
-Bronius gives you TM69 rock polish in chargestone cave
-Rood gives you TM32 double team in route 18
-Zinzolin gives you TM01 hone claws in cold storage
-Giallo gives you TM08 bulk up in route 14
-Ryoku gives you TM04 calm mind in relic castle
Note: you can only get these TM's after you defeat the Pokemon league, N, and Ghetsis.

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Thanks, but how come I defeated most of these sages and didn't get any of these TMs. (I didnt finsh the main story yet, just started.)
i think youre confused because the only sage that you battle in black and white is ghetsis and he is battle after the elite four.  You dont get the TM by battling them.  You get them from findin them.