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My Brother's game card (Black 2) is not working in my nintendo 3ds. It used to be when I put it in and selected it the screen would say
"Could not access save data. Please turn off power and try again"

Now when I put it in the icon doesn't even show up.
All of my other game cards work perfectly fine.
Has anyone had this problem before and if so were you able to fix it?

p.s. I wasn't sure where to ask this. You can comment if I should ask this somewhere else and I will fix that.

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Ok this is because you have used it in two different DS's. If you use Wifi on one DS then use wifi on the other it screws up the Gamecard. You can only use wifi on Pokemon on one DS. So just use the Black 2 on your brothers DS and don't make the same mistake again.

Hope this helps ^.^

EDIT: If you have got far in your game unlucky because I have been researching and the only way to stop this is to reset the whole game. Sorry to be the messenger of bad news. :(

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No we use the same ds (mine) and as far as I know he's only used wireless once, I haven't used it at all.
Have you dropped it at all? If so something may have come loose.
If it still doesn't work contact Nitendo and the may get it fixed. You may be able to take it back and get a new one if you bought it recently and kept the reciept.
I know he carried around in his wallet for a while, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it visually. I think unfortunately he bought it over six months ago so we probably can't return it.
You will have to reset it. Sorry.
Yeah he did get pretty far into the game :( How do you reset?
Do you mean reset as in the main menu when you delete the current game?
Transfer all your Pokemon to Black / White if you have then when you reset the game trade them all back. To reset use: Press B+Up+Select at the Title Screen.
It wont even go to the title screen. You know when you turn on the power and go to the nintendo menu? Ok I put in the gamecard and currently it doesn't even show up on the menu. Before I would select it and the screen would go blank and immediately show the "Could not access" It wont even take me to the title menu.