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I see there are a lot of manga about Pokémon, and some even come from Taiwan. Do those manga have any connect to Pokémon's owners? Or the writers just play the game and draw a manga bases on the game they just played?

What Pokemon manga are you talking about?
Pokémon Special, Pokémon Pocket Monsters, Magical Pokémon Journey, The Electric Tale of Pikachu, etc.

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No, they dont need it because they aren't copying it there simply interpreting it.

Most Pokemon manga are an entire subcategory of comics written with their own story lines and interpretations of the Pokemon world. These frequently have no connection to one another outside of the volumes. This site will be of help I'm sure :)

Sourced: [Bulbapedia][1]

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[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_manga

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So that mean I can make my own Pokémon work and publish it without permission too?
I'm no lawyer, but I assume you could, while also stating that Pokemon is a trademark of Nintendo and Game Freak and stuff. xD
^ To an extent I'd say. If you were to attempt making money, you'd need to obtain the prior permission of Nintendo itself, and probably pay them something for the rights.
Oh yeah, making money without the permission of Nintendo is illegal.
I don't think that he/she will benefit financially from this, as the previous publications he/she mentioned don't profit.
Actually, I'm pretty sure most of the manga publications were for profit. They were released through publishing houses and companies, which obviously need to turn a profit, so the Author gets a percentage of the money too.
Oh, okay. xD
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Bleh thought about adding my point of view, so might as well

I'd say that the manga adaptations must have had connections with the actual owners of Pokemon - the fact is that they were released by companies like Viz Media and Chaung Yi which sell/distribute such materials over the world (Authors gave it to them to distribute and stuff)
This means that a profit is being made (Well not necessarily a profit, just any money) which is a direct breach of copyright law, if prior consent is not obtained from the creators of the Pokemon Franchise.

Think about it. How would one of the authors be able to distribute his work around the world? Sure the internet, but the manga adaptations that are 'recognised' are distributed in paper volumes, so it's impossible for them to have done it profit-free. They would have had to spend money distributing it, and no they probably did not spend thousands of dollars from their own bank accounts to show off one of their mangas.

So basically. These mangas will have had some connection to the actual owners since they're a profit-based endeavors and required prior consent. However adaptations created on a non-commerical scale for no profit whatsoever can be done without prior consent.