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I don't know why Pokemon are numbered the way they are. Example: Why isn't Unfezant #12 in the Unova pokedex? I've searched, but came up with nothing. Can anybody please tell me? And don't forget to paste your source.


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I want to have my say. That's the way Game Freak designed it, but there are a few little 'rules' about it. They didn't just put together randomly, so they had to follow some 'rules'.

  1. Notice how the starters are always the first Pokemon in the Pokedex? This is because they are the first Pokemon you will encounter in the game, most likely. From there you get the Pokemon that appear next/are more common than others, for example the Patrat family. The only time this 'rule' has been 'broken' is when they put Victini as #494 (or #000 in the Unova dex).
  2. By evolution. Obviously, if the Pokemon were introduced in the same Generation, their evolution chain will be close to each other, like Munna and Musharna.
  3. By Generations. Some Pokemon get evolutions in later Genearions, which leaves them stranded in middle of the Pokedex, far away from the rest of their pre-evolutions/further-evolutions. A prime example of this is the Eeveelutions.
  4. The Legendary Pokemon and/or the rarer Pokemon always seem to be at the end of a Regional Dex. Likely due to their rarity and authority power wise over other Pokemon.
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#1 obviously is false because carracostas and Archeops are barely seen through the game and it's pokedex number is before zebstrika, karrablast, etc
They must have made some exceptions but most of it is in a logical order.
#4 is half wrong because tornadus, thundurus, and landorus are #s 198, 199, and 200.
@ DaKing's first comment: That's because of the fossils you receive in the originals. Some numbers are carried from a game's predecessors. Again, exceptions are always present.
@ MrKijani: Like I said, there are always going to be exceptions.
@ DaKing's second comment: Dream Radar allows that, and on as early as Route 7 a lady registers the Kami trio to the Pokedex.
Another thing is Pokemon who are in similar groups, such as the basic powerhouses in Gen 1.
Psuedo-legends are usually at the end also. Garchomp seems to be an exception, due to the fact that the Pokemon later in the dex are evolutions of Pokemon from previous Gens.
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Because Game Freak wanted it like that....

Source: Logic

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normally the are in order because you see unfuzant as 12 because you see him sooner than say... darmanitan... kapeesh? so you see zekrom last because you see him near the end of the game!

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