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I thought, why not exploit a pokemon's low stats in a good way? Say my foe is a gliscor, it has good stats all around, except for its special attack. Now in competitive play, nobody would put special moves on him since his attack is much better. He doesn't have any good special stat boosters, and you wouldn't invest EVs in his special attack.

Swagger/Flatter:Use the opposite to boost foe's stats (use flatter on Gliscor, use swagger on Alakazam) The confusion also helps in the fact that your opponent can either chance getting hurt by confusion, or give you a free switch by changing pokemon.

Punishment- power is now 100 thanks to swagger/flatter ( I was thinking of using Houndoom or some dark type for this, punishment would get STAB as well, taking it up to 150, assuming no other stat boosts. the only problem with houndoom is the fact that he can't learn flatter)


Mixed sweepers-These guys still benefit from it, it only works well with them, and can hit hard with that boosted power.

Switching-Though I get a free switch, that wastes my strategy.

Punishment's PP-It only has 5 PP, and even with the max PP boosters, it still doesn't have much.

Can you tell me:
- what you think of this?
-Any moves that can help even more?
-Any other flaws in it that I need to improve?
-Anything else you think is important?

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Interesting idea. Make it so your foe isn't deadly when you confuse them. Only problem I can think of is facing a mixed Pokemon. And by the way, you are going to like this, Sableye can learn all the moves you suggested, meaning you still get STAB! Oh, another possible problem is if you are facing someone who has no idea what Special and Physical attacks are, so they have Focus Punch on Alakazam. Now for the third move. Dark gives you almost no type coverage. As such, you need Brick Break, to give you type coverage oppurtonity. Another good thing about using Sableye for this is no weakness.

Thanks for the  suggestions. I don't plan on hitting mixed sweepers with this. I use it mostly when I know the opponent won't use other moves on them. Like putting s special attack on a rypherior. I chose Houndoom because of his nice stats, and STAB punishment works well with him.
Okay, you're probably going to want to have Hidden power Fighting (considering it is you) and Flamethrower as the other two moves in this case. Even though Punishhment is Physical, Houndoom has high Sp Attack .
That's my plan. Thanks!