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Lunatone and Gliscor in a Double Battle. Lunatone------levitate protects it from oh-so common earthquake,with psychic (super STAB), charge beam (raises sp. att., and for the water types that will bother them both), reflect or light screen(making them even stronger defensive tanks) and maybe rock polish,toxic or something else. and his partner, Gliscor-----------------------fire fang (to cover steel,ice, and bug types-all deadly), maybe x-scissor or night slash (for added cover to Lunatone), or possibly something else (protect, maybe) and last but not least-sandstorm (EVEN MORE sp. def for lunatone, and added evasiveness for Gliscor). What do you think?

Sorry, I meant cosmic power for lunatones fourth move maybe...........

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Interesting. One boosts up defense while the other topples the foe with sweeps. Perhaps throw in Tyranitar or Hippowdon on your team. his Sand Stream ability makes perfect use of that without the wasted move slot of Sandstorm. If not, Lunatone can also learn Sandstorm. The main problem is that Lunatone has a TON of weaknesses, even with boosted stats he'll have trouble holding his own. I would suggest replacing him with another pokemon, Maybe Tyranitar or hippowdown, as a lead to get sandstorm going, then switch to a different pokemon who is immune to Earthquake. Trachy also built a team revolving around this strategy.

Yes I have. The Sand Stream ability is in my opinion the most useful abilty in the game. Five of the six Pokemon on my team (the sixth being Charizard) make use of the Sandstorm given by Tyranitar in various ways. From having the foe take damage, having a more powerrful attack, to being less likely to be hit, my team makes full use of Sand Stream. Tyranitar is the best Sand Stream user, seeing how it gets the Sp. Def boost, unlike Hippowdon.
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Not bad but I suggest this moveset for Lunatune
Calm Mind

Sky Attack
Sunny day

Then you will be powerful:)