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If you're like me, you know how much using a fire type sucks when everyone spams stealth rock. So I figured, why not use the damage to my advantage? I battled my friend using this, I killed him, but it was just luck that time. Fire types will lose 1/4 of their health, at least from stealth rock. My plan is to do the following:

-Use a starter evolution, Either Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken, or Infernape.

-keep them in the party setting up sunny day for them and powering up their attacks with other pokemon (not necessary, but nice)

-Wait until the foe sets up stealth rock.

-switch into stealth rock with the fire pokemon, and they lose health.

-give them and item ( I was thinking either Salac berry (mostly to boost speed on Blaziken), a Pataya berry,a liechi berry, or some focus band or life orb.

with all this that means the pokemon has:
-blaze ability (X1.5)
-possible Sunny Day(X1.5)
-item (either higher special attack, or life orb boost)
-STAB power (X1.5)

Also when I did this, I managed to baton pass 3 nasty plots to my typhlosion. Pure luck, so I won't depend on this.

Some possible flaws with each starter though:

Charizard-While he is powerful, and all these boosts would kill pokemon that are even resistant to fire, he loses 1/2 of his health to stealth rock, so I only get one shot at killing the foe. On the plus side though, he can outspeed most of the targets that stand in my way.

Typhlosion-I was thinking of using him, since he's what inspired this strategy. he's got the good moves, and the speed.

Blaziken-When this guy lands a hit he is DANGEROUS!! But his only flaw is his speed, which is why I though of giving him the salac berry, but I don't want to waste it on him if I just have to switch out.

Infernape: He's got the power and the speed, but a single priority move would bring him down with his frail defense (aqua jet would be his undoing.)

My question to you is:
-Which starter should I use (please base it off of facts, not opinions)
-Are there any other ways to power them up that I'm forgetting?
-Any flaws are counters to this strategy?


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I already like this, because I put down somewhere before that Charizard is able to have Stealth Rock be to its advantage. Considering that most Fire types are sweepers, this works well. Cherrim might also be able to help in Double Battles (does it increase speed, I forget.) There are going to be flaws, but you listed them already. I would use Charizard, as he takes more damage from Stealth Rock. Please remeber that you need a way to take more damage, as Blaze activates at 1/3 health.

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I did remember that blaze activates at 1/3, but the life orb is the main reason I used that, plus most fire types take some damage early in battle.
You can use Substitute for Charizard's Blaze and Salac berry to activate as you know that Charizard doesn't have really good defenses.