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This is a combo of trick room and sand storm. first up Tyranitar(crunch, earthquake, stone edge, swords dance) to set up the sand storm. Then I switch to claydol to set up trick room. and then

Rhyperior(the tank-wall-sweeper) rhyperior gets a S.def boost from the sand storm making him pretty much invinceable, earthquake, stone edge, curse, megahorn

Rampardos(the sweeper) earthquake, stone edge, Thunder punch, super power

Aggron(the same as perior) earthquake, stone edge, iron head, ice punch

Lucario(for when trick room wares off) Aura sphere, psychic, dragon pulse, nasty plot


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Well the big problem is you're losing 2 turns switching pokemon around and setting up. If the opponent's first pokemon has a Water move, they would attempt to use it against Tyranitar and end up KO'ing Claydol. If you survive that, then you lose one of the trick room turns switching to another pokemon.

Sandstorm only takes Rhyperior up to 82.5 base SpDef. If you've got a good nature and EVs then it helps I suppose. But you'd get OHKO from Milotic or any special water pokemon.

So I would say, go ahead and try it but don't count on it being really effective.