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I heard that all Pokemon have limited life spans and will die one day. But how about the ghost Pokemons, are they immortal or something

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I am guessing you are talking about the show. So since its an alternate universe we cant tell. Since there are little kids watching Pokemon I doubt they will go into a mindboggling and deppressing subject. Its all opinion but I doubt that ghost Pokemon really die. The lavender town theories should talk about this since the marowak ghost was just a ghost and it might give clues to answer this. And if they cant die why do they faint? And what do they do if their trainer dies? It is all speculation really

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Well being ghost Pokemon they are already dead and are the spirit of a former being. So therefore they wont die again.Then again its Pokemon so anything can happen.

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Gengar is a dead Clefable.As one of my questions :p
never mind
that's right