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Pokémon can only faint, but to be a ghost something must die. All Pokémon have origins, like with Grimer being exposed to a mysterious light. There are actual cemeteries in the games, like the Lost Tower and Celestial Tower. Pokémon is already vague about where eggs come from. Can we assume that every time beat a trainer, their Pokémon dies and becomes a Gastly?

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No we can't because when your Pokemon faints, you can revive them. Though I assume that when left in a bad condition it could die. However when Ash let a Pidove faint, it revived nlt so long ago

However 2 Pokemon are known to have deceased in the anime

Latios and Lucario
Both died sacrificing their lives to save a multitude of people

Not to forget that Arceus almost died after it had been hit by the devastating comet. Again this was done as a sacrifice

Pokemon have souls just like the soul dew is actually the soul of Latios, meaning Pokemon don't turn into ghastly when they die

Ghost type Pokemon are usually peoples souls that have possessed objects, just like Yamask being a human soul that possessed a mask. The faces of Yamask are the faces they used to have in their previous life

Also, Honehedge is a human's soul that has possessed a sword

This can also be assumed for Chandelure since it is basically a living Chandelier. It's ability to scorch peoples soul would make me state that it is a human that died whiles baring a grudge

As ghost type Pokemon are usually associated with sinister taughts

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You could consider Ghost Pokemon as "Shadow" Pokemon.

To support this, lemme fill you in on an interesting theory.

Gengar who is among the first of the Ghost Pokemon is also the "Shadow Pokemon". Gengar has a very similar body compared to Clefable and their STABs (except Gengar's Poison) can't touch each other. Is Gengar Clefable's doppelganger? Have you ever tried taking out your own shadow?

Read more about it here.

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They do die.....we just never see it. they actually mention Pokemon dying a lot in the games, manga, and anime with like lavender town and stuff. So strangely enough, Pokemon can die.

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If you "faint" you don't die. It's the same with Pokémon.
Perhaps if you hadn't given that Ampharos the Secretpotion in HG/SS, it would have died.

Pokémon die like us. By illness or age.

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Ghost types are just ghost types. Pokemon do die but ghost types are there own species. Although there are two exceptions: Yanmask and Marowak. If a Pokemon did die, they would likely keep their own body. It doesn't really make sense for a charizard to die "become a Gastly and go through evolution again. Anyways the writer can make the plot how they envision.

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