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Why do Jirachi and Magnezone get hit?

Note, I expect an answer with GOOD content for a difficult question. Use logic.

You can feel free to answer with "Because Gamefreak wanted it that way", it means you get a free downvote!

Because it is systemed that way?
But seriously, making a game realistic
is probably the hardest thing to do
Just look how geodude is floating on mid air
Well GameFreak designed it, so there is your answer.

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Alright magnezone, jirachi, heatproof brozongs dont take the earthquake damage directly like a Pokemon standing on land would. Rather, they take damage from the sound waves that are produced upon an earthquake. Seismic waves(which are vibrations that travel through the earth carrying the energy released during earthquakes) cause vibration within the interior of earth and the vibartion eventually leads up outside the surface causing the sound waves to travel thourgh the air

Also, magnezone uses magnetic currents to move around and float, and during earthquakes theyre all get screwed up because of the sound waves thus causing him to have a 4x ground weakness and that jirachi doesnt because he doesnt use magnetic currents to float he has the psychic powers

^What I'm trying to state above is that magnezone has 2 things that hurts him and jirachi only has 1 thing that hurts him so thats why magnezone has 4x and jirachi is 2x weak

So magnezone is 4x weak because(yes I know the typing determines the weakness) 1)sound waves from earthquakes hitting him, 2)magnetic currents gets messed up

Jirachi is only 2x weak because 1)sound waves from earthquakes hitting him

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Then wont it become a flying type? Lol
Is this just a guess or is it proven?
well since flying types are generally immune to ground, they wont take any damage from ground related moves. not even soundwaves
and yes i actually know this
Great answer. Exactly what I wanted.
So, smart guy, answer me this, if those pokemons are hit by sound waves then, why pokemon with levitate ability and flying type pokemon aren`t hit by the sound waves??

P.S.:I think your answer is great, anyway.
And that's where we say "because Game Freak wanted it that way."