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Having hard time against them in my rain team
This is OU

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Well, if its in the rain you shouldnt rely too much on fire attacks(One of ferrothrons weakness) I mean strong fire stab pokes such as heatran would KO ferrothorn even in the rain but its not generally a good idea to have fire pokes in a rain team. So there is just one option left to counter him,.. A fighting move. Breloom would easily counter ferrothron:
1)Poison heal prevents statuses and some ferrothorns carry thunderwave
2)Immune to leech seed
3)Breloom is not as fast to take heavy damage from gyro ball and resists powerwhip
4)Can spore him easily to stop him from setting up
5)Strong fighting stab of focus punch or if you choose to go with techinician thats fine as well(I would personally use poison heal subpunch breloom so he can prevent statuses and recover damages he took from iron barbs)
6)Negates fire weakness(Although I dont think this matters too much since he prob will die from a neutral strong stab fire attack but maybe has some use for some slowbros fireblast and pokes that dont have stab on it)
7)Best focus punch user, the strongest fighting move capable of actually KOing ferrothorn while other fighting type pokes generally cant if ferrothorn is relaxed 252hp/252def

Sure there are other ways to cripple him such as tricking choice items on him, but I would rather go the short way and take him out by offense so he is gone for sure

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I was first think of using aura sphere lucario but this is also great
"while other fighting type pokes generally cant if ferrothorn is relaxed 252hp/252def" This is the only sentence I disagree with, everything else was brilliant, and I agree completely. Most Ferrothorn's sacrifice some Defence EVs for SDef as well, and CB Terrakion's Close Combat hits 252 HP/ 252 Def Ferrothorn for 109% damage at the very least, a sure OHKO, where unboosted Breloom's Focus Punch only has a 46% chance to OHKO. However, in most cases this will be more than enough damage because as previously stated, quite a few Ferrothorn's don't run Max Def. And btw, this is a great answer :)
Espeon can also be great I think
"Can spore him easily and stop him from setting up"