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I was having a triple battle and two of my Pokemon fainted in the same time then when I went to switch out both of my Pokemon I could select one Pokemon but when I went to switch out my other Pokemon it wouldn't let me, so is this a glitch and did this happen to anyone else?

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This is not a glitch. It happened to me before. This is what you have to do:

  1. Choose the first Pokemon you want to send out to battle.
  2. Now you will note the menu will say which Pokemon do you want to
    switch with
    . Go up and choose one of the two Pokemon who just
    fainted. The Pokemon you are going to put in will be in that place
    It will switch those Pokemon.
  3. Now choose the second Pokemon you want to send out to battle.
    And there you have it.
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You are most likely battling an opponent with Arena Trap or Shadow Tag as abilities. This ability means that the opponent cannot switch, but for arena trap if the Pokemon is a ground type, then that Pokemon can switch. Otherwise for shadow tag, you can't switch at all. Baton passing, volt switching, or u-turning will still work.

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Another problem is if you click one Pokemon, you must replace it with the Pokemon that just fainted. You first choose the Pokemon you want to send in and choose the Pokemon that fainted and it will take that Pokemon's spot.

Source – Experience

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Its not a glitch you probably didnt replace the Pokemons spot your supposed to replace the empty spaces by clicking them when you clicked your Pokemon. That was probably your problem

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