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So basicly I made Necrozma faint. The first thing I did was rematch the Elite Four, I managed to protect my title. Will this give me the ability to re-encounter him? Or is he gone forever?

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Why don't you try finding it yourself?
Cause it's not easy to encounter it

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Actually, it acts as if it were an ultra beast. Making it faint will do nothing. It stays capturable and encounterable until you catch it. So you never had to rematch the elite 4. No offense, but if you payed attention, it says the exact text as if you fainted a UB.

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lol thats a little mean.
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Necrozma shares a similarity with the ultra beasts in terms of encounter as you could still catch it even if you unintentionally made it faint. The only difference is that Necrozma is NOT AN ULTRA BEAST, hence refrain yourself from using the beast ball.

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