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I have tried to win Platimum's Maid challenge.

On the last maid I had two turns left. As any attack of mine (double enemy's level, all attacks 1x effective) would have lost the battle for me, I switched. On the next turn, the maid used Endure, loosing the challenge for me.

Is there anything I could have done to win? Or was I just unlucky to get a smart enemy AI?

I was using savestates, so I got to try multiple times, but she used Endure no matter what I did.

The only things that leap to mind are Poison/Burn, Ghost Curse, and Hail/Sandstorm.  Maybe shenanigans with Sticky Barb and Fling.  But all of those things would have required premeditation, which do not seem to apply to the scenario.

[Edit]  Out of curiosity, did you try leaving the Pokemon in, and just attacking anyway?  She may have still used Endure, resulting in the target surviving the hit. [/Edit]
When I said savestates, I mean I tried just attacking, switching, using an item.

She was not that dumb. Though I've tried the challenge the next day and she did mess up.

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There is no way make a Pokemon faint that had used Endure (assuming Endure does not fail). However, you can cause the Pokemon to faint through residual damage, as long as you have brought the Pokemon down to 1 HP. This includes things such as status and weather damage. For the maid challenge, there are two methods I would recommend:

  • Get a Pokemon that summons weather which does residual damage upon entry to battle. In Platinum, you can catch Abomasnow and Hippowdon, who summon Hail and Sandstorm, respectively.
  • Use a move which is guaranteed to damage the target after use (moves like Bind, Clamp, Whirlpool, Fire Spin). Because these moves are pretty weak, you'll probably want a high leveled Pokemon to use them. As such, the method above is probably easier.
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