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Example: Perish Song.

all i know are guillotine, perish song, and horn drill

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  • Perish Song
  • Horn Drill
  • Sheer Cold
  • Fissure
  • Guillotine
Isnt there more though?
not unless you mean moves that KO the user...
Isnt there Destiny Bond?
You opponent can used a status move to stop it.
OK i did some stuff, and thanks Mew!
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Perish Song (always useable)
Horn Drill (must be higher level than opponent)
Sheer Cold (always useable)
Fissure (always useable)
Guillotine (must be higher level than opponent)

Yeah I know I copied Mew, but hey I put a bit more info.

Sheer Cold and Fissure must be used on a lower/same level as opponent...
and also horn drill and guillotin
Excatly had your kyreum been up against a higher level sheer cold wouldnt have worked