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Well... From my previous Question My Gengar is a wall (O_O). Explosion is an egg move right? so I was thinking Would explosion Fit in well with perish song, Hypnosis, And Dream eater?


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Perish Song Kind of Sucks, As The opponet can switch out. Relcae it with Toxic. And I Think Explosion would work great:) Its Unexpected:) *Just As The Mighty Gangar is About To Go Down, WAIT, EXPLOSION!? Amazing!

Ok so could I just get shadow ball or PAWNCH? (i'm not  that big of a fan of status ailments)
Shadow ball is better.
Shadow punch? his attack is half his special attack
Gengar is considered one of the main users of Explosion.
So are electrode and golem who have better attack
explosion is weak my typhlosion lvl79 didnt faint after a lvl 80 pokemon used it
If you use Perish Song, at least pair it with Mean Look to prevent a Pokemon from escaping. Explosion can be good but on a different Pokemon.
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Explosion is a physical move so it is not to good on a gengar.

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