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My Gengar currently has Venoshock because I have a liclylicky with toxic, but I just realized that, because my Blissey has thunder wave, I can replace venoshock with hex. My dilemma is this: They both have the same power (Hex was boosted in gen 6), and they both do double damage to poisoned Pokemon. Now I need to decide: Do I want to be able to hit normal types too with venoshock, or do I want to receive double power on paralyzed Pokemon, at the cost of not hitting normal types?

What are your other moves on Gengar?
I have dream eater because my breloom has spore (I prefer not to rely on the low accuracy of hypnosis), I have venoshock/hex obviously, I have telekinesis (yes I know that could be combined with hypnosis if I wanted to), but it's for my breloom's DynamicPunch, and then I have shadow ball just as a back-up reliable attack.
hex is still real good though

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I would say that Hex would be the preferred move because as you've said you have a Pokemon who can provide an additional status, which increases the power of Hex. Also Gengar can learn Focus Blast which will easily deal with Normal types.
Just read your comment, I would say Hex is definitely the better option as your Breloom has spore which is an additional status move that will double Hex's power.
I'd say go for the Hex.

However if you're not really restricting yourself to those moves I would say Shadow Ball is a better move as you don't have to rely on status at all, and you get a decent chance to lower the target's SDef.

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Well if any non-dark type opponent is asleep, I'm going with dream eater. And I suppose focus blast would be good for normal AND dark types, then hex for paralyzed and poisoned foes, and lastly telekinesis to help Breloom. The thing is that I really want that telekinesis so I can spam dynamic punch, and I think that with all these things, a standard attack with shadow ball is not necessary. Thanks though, I hadn't thought of focus blast.