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I have a tough choice here. Should my roserade use spikes moveset? Or should it use a toxic spikes moveset? Should I create a moveset with both? Or should I just have one spikes roserade and one toxic spikes roserade? I know spikes aren't as common as toxic spikes though so.............PLEEZ HELP ME!


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Assuming you're using Roserade in UU, I really think Spikes is the best option. While poisoning the opponent upon it switching-in sounds sweet, Spikes damages the foe, and has the right stats to lay several layers. She gets Giga Drain to heal herself, Sludge Bomb to hit hard from that great 125 base SAtk, and Rest to fully heal herself and switch out with Natural Cure. Toxic Spikes should only be used in Stall teams, or even better, in Hail Stall teams. Stun Spore can even be put somewhere in there, but it's really hard to find a place for it.

Also, you can't have two Pokemon of the same species on the same team in competitive battling.

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You can't have 2 Pokemon of the same species in competitive battling.

Give Roserade Spikes, Stun Spore/ Leech Seed, Giga Drain and Sludge Bomb; then it won't be a total set up Pokemon.

If you want Toxic Spikes, you can go for Tentacruel; it absorbs Toxic Spikes set on your side as well being able to rapid spin other entry hazards away.

Other Spikes/ Toxic Spikers are Scolipede (RU), Garbodor (NU), Qwilfish (RU), Cloyster (OU) and Forretress (OU). These can all learn both, and pick accordingly to which tier you're playing in.

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You cant have spikes and sleep powder on the same moveset but you can have toxic spikes and sleep powder.
Sorry, I forgot Spikes and Sleep Powder were Egg Moves. x-x