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Okay, I'm kind of confused on this one. On showdown I've been using this team w/ roserade and I've never had any problems using it until now. It says that roserade can't have sleep powder because it's incompatible with another move?

My roserade knows,
- Giga Drain
- Sleep Powder
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Spikes.

Is Spikes + Sleep Powder illegal to have?

how did you get that moveset anyway?

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Spikes and Sleep powder are illegal together because they can not be bred onto the same Roserade. This is because Roserade needs to get Spikes from the Catcurne/Glalie/Maractus/Ferrothorn Family and Sleep powder from the Venesaur/Gloom/Victreebell/Tangrowth/Jumpluff family. Source

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Now they can be in the same moveset though, as females can transfer egg moves in X/Y.