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Black 2 Pokedex Question?

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So I chose Snivy as my starter in B2, and now after I have beat the game, I am trying to complete the B2 pokedex. But I cant seem to find a trainer with an oshawott. Where coult I find someone with an oshawott for me to have it in my pokedex?

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No, you can't; you have to trade for an Oshawott from another player.

The counterpart to your gender will have had a tag battle with you in Nimbasa against the Subway Masters, so you will have seen Dewott, but you have to trade for the remaining starter to be able to register it.

You will also need to trade for a Rufflet and a Skitty, as they are White 2 exclusive Pokemon that do not appear with trainers in Black 2.

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get a dewott/samurott via GTS, and breed it.

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You can only get it by trading with a friend, through GTS, with AR or hacking. No one in-game has it. Although you can trade for a Dewott through GTS, level it up, and breed it with Ditto to get Oshawott.

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Use Memory link and Battle Bianca and Cheren they might have it.

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Yes that's true, Bianca will have Samurott if you chose Snivy, but Oshawott still needs to be traded.
Oh sorry. You should start a new game on Black and White Choose an Oshawott and trade it to BW2.
i didn't get serperior like that in my dex i think they don't add it in there... i traded with myself to get it from my white to put there it's the only way.