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I'm a Pikachu lover and I got White 2. I was hoping I could start with a Pikachu somehow. Maybe a Pichu would work too.

no way this could happen

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Oh Yeah I remembered!
If you are from the UK then when you purchase a copy of BW2 you get a Lightning Rod Pikachu. Or you can get it in Germany if you buy BW2 from Toys-R-Us.

enter image description here
Pikachu ♂

Level 10
OT: Yours
ID: Yours
Ability: Lightningrod
Hold Item: No Item
Any Nature.
Date of Receiving: Available from: November 9th 2012 - May 30th 2013
Entree Forest. Met at Lv. 10
-Tail Whip
-Thunder Wave

So in theory get your starter but don't use it and use the Pikachu instead.

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Nope. Sorry, but no. Not without using cheats.

Like Moi...!
What cheat do you use then??? I REALLY want that Pikachu!!!
He was kidding..........
You can probably buy an Action Replay at a game store to cheat to get Pikachu.
cheating? Never do that. Never.
I wasn't joking. I hack Pokemon... @ JCM