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In the past Pokemon games like SoulSilver, Diamond, Black/White, etc., I've always used action replay codea to get the Pokemon I want.

Now, Gold and Silver versions are available for the 3DS, and I've been having a hard time with breeding some Pokemon. I had a few of my question answered on a different website but I want to learn other tips and/or tricks on breeding Pokemon.

I have two Pikachu, (One male and the other is female) and both came from Pokemon Red. Now, the speed of them making the egg is not my problem. It's the fact that, out of the five eggs I hatch, all of them are female. I know it's a 50/50 chance, but is they a better way for me to hatch a male Pichu?

So, would a male Pikachu and a Ditto from Pokemon Red work in giving me a male Pichu?

What if I save my game right before it hatches, so, if it's a female again, I can turn off the game and then walk around again till it finally hatches as a male? Would that work?

Also, if I trade an egg from Silver to Gold, will the hatched Pichu have the Silver trainer ID, or the Gold trainer ID?

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I don't think there's any way to influence the gender of an egg. For the last question, the hatched Pichu will have the ID of the Gold game.
Saving right before an egg hatches and resetting to try and influence the Pokémon doesn't work; all information about the Pokémon is determined when the egg is received.
So he can save right before receiving the egg and soft-reset from there?

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pokemon red it gives pikachu, in silver it would give pichu. also, its random the gender (pesides Pokemon that have more a chance or full chance of being a gender) and, since you hatch it its the ID of the game you hatch it in.

There's no breeding in Red.
if you could is what im saying
That's not what the question was asking.