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I have quite a few questions.

  1. How much Happiness does one power item(i.e. Protein) give a Pokemon?
  2. How much happiness does an EV reducing Berry(i.e. Pomeg) give a Pokemon?
  3. What is the max happiness level of a Pokemon?
  4. How much happiness does increasing a Pokemons level give?
  5. How much happiness does a Pokemon need to have to learn Draco Meteor?
  6. Can you release a Pokemon at max happiness?
  7. How much happiness do certain Pokemon need to evolve(i.e. Riolu, Budew,ect.)?
  8. What is the earliest level Pokemon who evolve via happiness can evolve?
  9. How much does letting your Pokemon be KOed lower the happiness?
  10. How much do the herbs lower happiness?

I think that is all.


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  1. Power items: +5(when your Pokemon's happiness is 0-99); +3(when your Pokemon's happiness is 100-199); +2(200-255)
  2. EV reducing berry: +10(0-99); +5(100-199); +2(200-255)
  3. Max happiness is 255
  4. Increasing a level: +5-6 (0-99); +3-4 (100-199); +2-3(200-255)
  5. You need max(255) happiness
  6. A Pokémon might also refuse to be released if it has a very high friendship level
    -Bulbapedia says that they may refuse to be released however I just checked on my volcarona(who has 255 happinesss) and it never came back. I also tried my mewtwo who had full happiness and it came back because it "missed me" and also my mewtwo was not the only Pokemon in my party and knew no HM's. So I guess it just depends on the Pokemon because it did for one of my Pokemon but not the other.
  7. You need 220 happiness to evolve a Pokemon
  8. You can evolve a Pokemon as low as 2 to evolve
  9. You lose 1 happiness for fainting
  10. For energy powder: -5(0-199 happiness), -10(200-255 happiness). Heal powder: -5(0-199), -10(200-255). Energy root: -10(0-199), -15(200-255). Revival Herb: -15(0-199), -20(200-255)
    Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Happiness
    This chart might help:
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You cant release a full happiness pokemon??? huh. Your answer is better than mine, upvote.
There is a possiblity that it will because it "misses you"
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