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So I just got to the Elite 4. I'm not super powered enough to blow through them with 1 hit KO's but I'm not being demolished by them either. This is a perfect time to grind the Elite 4 with my dream team! But I'm also worried about their happiness if they're constantly fainting.

Bulbapedia's site has some basic happiness charts (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Happiness) but my bigger question is if fighting a gym leader or Elite 4 member increases your Pokemon's happiness, would it essentially negate the unhappiness gained from fainting?


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If they faint occasionally then that's not that bad, especially if you have trained them from a low level. If they have been with you a long time their happiness level will probably be at maximum anyway and it will take a lot to reduce that.

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Heh okay. Veneon's comment made me wonder if I'm the only one that cares about my Pokemon's happiness just for their sake. But that's good to know. Thanks!
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It doesn't matter how happy your pokemon are unless they evolve with happiness, and by then I doubt that you still have pokemon that need happiness to evolve.

Well its more like a personal thing. I know none of them need the happiness to evolve, but I personally want them to be happy. :)
i understand that you want your pokemon to be happy i want mine to be happy to but serously they are computer generated images
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well in this quiston you would want to see if your dream team is the way you plan it to work what are the pokemon in team and i would say the get more happy if the win a major battle