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Have your Pokemon hold a Soothe Bell and have a Friendship Roto Loto power running and do these:

  • Massage in Konikoni City (talk to the dancer lady beside the incense seller at entrance)
  • Friendship Cafe or Parlor in Festival Plaza (order everything available but avoid EV ones if you're EV training)
  • Vitamins and PP Ups (can be bought in Pokemon Center on Mount Hokulani for $10,000, or bought for 2 BP)

When you're done talk to the lady north of the TM shop in Konikoni City and she'll check the happiness level. If she says "My! It feels incredibly close to you! Nothing makes it happier than being with you!" than it has max happiness. Hope I helped!!

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You should probably also mention EV reducing berries, unless they're rare in USUM.
Berries are way better, provided you can get hold of the good ones and you have enough Pokémon on your game for Poke Pelago upgrades. Instant max happiness.
Thx it really helped me evolve a Type: Null into Silvally for Pokedex reasons!
Isle Avue of Poke Pelago is a very hands-off way to raise friendship