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In the process of IV breeding, I ended up with max Defense and Sp. Defense on one of the potential parents-- but his nature is Sassy.

I understand the Speed loss is perfectly fine, paired with Gyro Ball, but I'm not sure whether the Sp. Defense boost would be good (evening out his stats) or bad (no way to reach max regular Defense).

Would this Ferroseed be worth raising, or should I keep breeding for a Relaxed one?


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Well getting the perfect Pokemon can take some time and Sassy isnt that bad of a choice. Its a matter of would you want it to be more Physically Bulky or Specially Bulky. I prefer Relaxed as most special moves are not very effective against Ferrothorn.

*coughs* Fire Blast.
Yea, but Fire Blast will OHKO Ferrothorn under most circumstances anyway, unless you have it on a rain team, then it would benefit from Sassy.
Between Fire and Fighting there's 40 physical and 23 special, so I do see the point in focusing on physical offense,
but Fire seriously leans towards special, and as far as effectiveness goes, it's a lot more dangerous than Fighting.

Or is the point of it more that, with x4 damage, no amount of Sp. Defense can really make up for the Fire weakness in the first place?

Edit: Okay, so it definitely should still die instantly from Fire moves even with higher-than-average Sp. Defense?
i certainly said most, meaning not all. Why would you stay in on Fire and Fighting moves anyways
Slowbro Fire Blast. I think that explains it.
You can take one from Slowbro considering its unstab Max Special Attack Slowbro doesnt even KO Max SDef Ferro with a Sassy Nature. 77.27% to 90.91% HP damage. Go ahead Cac it http://pokeds.com/calculators/damage.php Regular Slowbro doesnt KO Ferro
I was thinking in the sun.
Now you are just making sure youre right :P
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That is actually a pretty good nature for Ferrothorn.

Sassy: + Sp. Defence, - Speed

Ferrothorn has a base speed of 20, so there is no point in investing anything in that stat. It has a special defence of 116, so it's not a bad idea to give it a bit more bulk in that stat.

A commonly desired speed for Ferrothorn is Relaxed (+Defence, - Speed), so Sassy is a pretty good nature for it.