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I know Basculin is. "They are also remarkably tasty,".
Are there any others?

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![enter image description here][1]

Humans eat Magikarp.
Zubat and Golbat suck blood from any Pokemon.
Pidgey, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot each Caterpies and Weedle if possible to avoid the stinger.
Meowth try's to eat James' Magikarp.
Tailow feed on Wurmple.
Cherubi is eaten by all the bird Pokemon in it's area.
Pokemon eggs are eaten by the Ekans and Sneasel family.
Chansey's and Blissey's eggs are eaten by humans and Pokemon.

Inconclusion, Pokemon are like animals thier food chain is related to a animals food chain. For example:

Pidgey is based on a Pidegeon and they eat worms or caterpillas like Wurmple and Caterpie. So if you look at it like this then most weak Pokemon are generally tasty snacks for other Pokemon.

Ikr... Humans eat Magikarp and Cherubi!!!
[1]: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/f/f4/Edible_Magikarp.png

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dont people eat farfetch'd as well? i remember someone say it in the game and that is why it is rare
slowpoke tails are also eaten.
there are some missing....
Slowpoke tails are chewed on, actually.
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Whether I say games or anime, it means that's where they have mentioned eating them. I count it as mentioned if it says something in their or another Pokemon's Pokedex entry.

Cherubi(games), Magikarp(anime, games), Tauros(anime), Exeggecute(games), Pidgy(games, Arbok eats their eggs), Pigeot(games, Arbok eats their eggs).

I'll edit if I find any more.

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Correct but there are a few things I don't feel like saying but he is just talking about the anime. How about slowpoke tales from Gen2 and so on.
Ash's Pidgeotto was gonna eat his Caterpie before he caught it. Add Pidgeotto to the list