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I saw in it's pokedex entry in black 2, it said that they are tasty. Does that mean that people eat Pokemon?


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Well it would lead you to think that, and it is true that people eat fish Pokemon. There are also certain scenes in the anime where the characters want to eat a Magikarp.

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Yeah that's what I was talking about when they were stranded.
Farfetch'd apparently makes delicious meal. It was overhunted and is now rare. There is an entire episode where team rocket attempts to catch a trainers farfetch'd so they can eat it. Ash and tge gang stop them and the trainer learns that no pokemon is too weak to battle.
ewwwwwww, at least it comes with a side salad.. nom celery
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There was a magickarp on a plate once in the show and in the sinnoh myths section of the canaclave library in platinum a book says that there was this one guy who cut Pokemon in half, then ate them or threw them away. So apparently yes, but not often.

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Yeah that one was really creepy
I know right, and the bit in sinnoh myths where it said pokemon and people breed... shivers
People and pokemon were once a single species or entity, and as such, interbred at that time. As try began to diversify two apparent groups emerged, humans and pokemon, at which point they stopped interbreeding.