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I'm going to be replacing Metagross on my Double-Battle team, and instead am going to add in either Gallade or Hypno. Who should I choose? My current Double-Battle team is: Charizard, Swampert, Ninjask, Lickilicky, Gengar, Metagross.

Hypno: Skill Swap, Protect, Toxic, Psychic

Gallade: Ice Punch, Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Night Slash


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What's wrong with Metagross? He's got the physical power to take about anything on, and as a steel/psychic type, he has hardly any weaknesses. Hypno is okay, but he doesn't really stand out. But If you still want to change pokemon, go for Gallade, The only problem I have with him is his low defense paired with his pretty good speed.

I just want a little difference to my team.
I see. Perhaps an electric type? I don't know the movesets, but just typewise, you don't have much coverage against water types.
Well, I have Gengar with Thunderbolt.
Okay, I that was my first guess.
Do you think I should still get an Electric type?
Gengar is powerful enough to hold his own against water types, I was thinking that they're very common, so you needed some kind of coverage.
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Hypno. Your team is already showing a weaker side for psychic types, and if you replace skill swap for hypnosis, you could knock out and poison your foe, switch to gengar, and use dark pulse/shadow ball.

WHat do you mean "weaker side for Psychic types"?
Your gengar is out easily, and most of your team is based on defense, not sp defense. psychics use sp defense in most of their moves
Gengar is fast enough tohit Psychics before they can get in a super-effective hit, Ninjask is a Bug type, Lickilicky has good Sp. Def and won't even be in battle long enough for that to matter, and Swampert also has fairly good Sp. Def.
Yes, but the big dark baddies, charizard(bite or crunch) and gengar can easily be destroyed by another(surprising) metagross. yes swampert can destroy it, but if it switches out to a flying type, it will be a big problem for u.
Charizard can easily beat Metagross. Swampert knows Avalanche.
Plus, Metagross is a Physical attacker almost all the time.