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How could something like Hypno possibly breed? Does it use its nose or what?

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i think he sneezes out the eggs
This is been very of-topic, is this alowed here? Just curious.
Just use Ditto.
Why are you talking about Hypno? Wailord can breed with a tiny skitty. And diglett.

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When two compatible Pokemon (such as a male Hypno and a female Hypno) are in a Day Care, eggs randomly appear out of nowhere. That's all we know.

Yeah. and there are probably legendary eggs in Go. And there's a manaphy egg in pokemon ranger. What else? Oh yeah, in pokemon snap, you could find the legendary bird trio by hatching them from hidden eggs. you push moltres into a lava pit, trick pikachu into electrocuting zapdos, and hatch articuno by- Making some Jynx Dance? Possibly the strangest method of incubation to date.
I remember I always thought that was weird, but Pikachu riding on Articuno always made me laugh for some reason.
Pikachu can ride on arcticuno? in SNAP? I had no idea! next time you manage to do that, play the flute, and pikachu will start to zap like hell. you may end up with deep-fried Articuno, which actually sounds pretty delicious. maybe with a side of slowpoke tails? I could fry up some exeggute. (I am such a monster. And we haven't even got to swirlix yet...)
^ Since i'm a salmon lover, I think a deep-fried Magikarp doesn't sound bad.
There's one episode where meowth pictures a deep-fried magikarp, but its skin is apparently too tough to bite through (Although I can easily OHKO a magikarp with Bite)