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Ice and steel is a good type to be honest, loads of defense, but how is it that Sandshrew is a ice and steel type? It doesn't make much sense right there, so is there a certain history about this, or is this just added in for other reasons?

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I guess they just wanted more ice Pokemon.
By the way, ice steel is a pretty bad type combination because fire and fighting attacks are more common than you might think.
Oooh. That's unfortunate. The ice-steel type.

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When you think about it, Sandshrew already has the look of a sandy-brick house in its Kanto form, and they were realizing that they were lacking a solid amount of Ice-types for Gen VII, so Game Freak were like, "Hey, we already have Alolan forms, and Sandshrew already has an igloo pattern, so why not make Sandshrew an igloo?"
Then, "Hold on, guys. Sandslash needs an Alolan form, too." So they were discussin', then they're like, "Since Sandshrew was Ice-type, Sandslash should be as well, and along with that, remember Sandslash's spikes? They can be icicles, which are sharp, pointy, and conical like spikes, and because ice like that can be as tough as steel, let's make Alolan Sandslash a dual Ice-Steel type!"
There's your answer. B-)

sounds like how they get most of their ideas XD