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How could something like Hypno possibly breed? Does it use its nose or what?

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i think he sneezes out the eggs
This is been very of-topic, is this alowed here? Just curious.
Just use Ditto.
Why are you talking about Hypno? Wailord can breed with a tiny skitty. And diglett.

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When two compatible Pokemon (such as a male Hypno and a female Hypno) are in a Day Care, eggs randomly appear out of nowhere. That's all we know.

It's probably just magic.
exactly Pokemon don't need love and the hope to make a family, they just need compatibility I guess that's just how it works (I'm not saying this sarcastically or jokingly)
I think it's like when you breed something in minecraft. love hearts apear over their heads and and egg happens.
Animals in Minecraft don't lay eggs when breeding...
That is because they are pigs, sheep, cows, and so on. the only creature which would actually hatch from an egg is the chicken, which does actually produce eggs that can be "Hatched" by throwing them at something. it would create an egg in pokemon, because all pokemon hatch from eggs. Except for most legendaries. interestingly enough, Phione and arceus are exceptions to this. and Wasn't there a mewtwo egg event a while back?
It was a Mew egg from that Pokémon Ranch game on the Wii.
Yeah. and there are probably legendary eggs in Go. And there's a manaphy egg in pokemon ranger. What else? Oh yeah, in pokemon snap, you could find the legendary bird trio by hatching them from hidden eggs. you push moltres into a lava pit, trick pikachu into electrocuting zapdos, and hatch articuno by- Making some Jynx Dance? Possibly the strangest method of incubation to date.
I remember I always thought that was weird, but Pikachu riding on Articuno always made me laugh for some reason.
Pikachu can ride on arcticuno? in SNAP? I had no idea! next time you manage to do that, play the flute, and pikachu will start to zap like hell. you may end up with deep-fried Articuno, which actually sounds pretty delicious. maybe with a side of slowpoke tails? I could fry up some exeggute. (I am such a monster. And we haven't even got to swirlix yet...)
^ Since i'm a salmon lover, I think a deep-fried Magikarp doesn't sound bad.
There's one episode where meowth pictures a deep-fried magikarp, but its skin is apparently too tough to bite through (Although I can easily OHKO a magikarp with Bite)