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I used it once on heart gold but when I try again (on heart gold) it always freezes please help!!

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That may just be the cheat you're using, try another one.
I can't do it I can't go to the cheats menu or whatever.
You can't? What are you using???
oh this MUST be the problem I have a DS lite and I'm using DS I cheats
Depends on the hack, and sometimes the game is able to tell you're cheating, so it will freeze to stop you from cheating even more.
I don't get what you mean by "hack" I only used the cheat to catch people's pokemon oh.... that's what you mean. But how can I fix it?
i dont hack

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You can cheat infinite times, but sometimes your game detects that you've hacked and won't let you hack into it further. Some reasons could be because

  • You've got your Action Replay dirty. This freezes the Action Replay, not the game but when Action Replay goes down it takes the game down with it to put it simply.
  • Your Action Replay is busted. Sometimes, your Action Replay can be busted as well. Some causes for this could be
  • Simple poor care.
  • Perhaps it fell down and something in the inner wiring got screwed up?
  • Sometimes I've seen cases where if you put it in the wrong system or beat up console, it busts.
  • You've overused the codes. Sometimes, if you have many codes at once it'll bust. Once, my brother used like 20 codes at once on his Pokemon White Version and it stopped working on Pokemon White alone.
  • Codes like 999 Rare Candies have a lower risk of crashing than codes like Walk Through Walls which have a lower chance of causing the game to freeze, so use them at your risk. Why I added this as a sub of the main point is because if you use many of the high risk crashing codes, your game will have a considerably higher chance of crashing.
    Some ways you can fix the problems are:

  • Blowing into the bronze bottom area to get any small particles out. DO NOT WIPE IT!!

  • Get it fixed at the place where you bought it.
  • Just get a new Action Replay.
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thanks I'll try everything you said if it doesn't work I'll get a new thing.
also I got it on Amason.
When your game detects that you are cheating what happens? I mean, when I choose my codes and launch it, it says: Cannot access saved data. Please restart and reinsert your game cartridge. Please note that I am quoting what it says off memory, so I may not of been a hundred accurate but you get the gist. Also do you know of any way to fix it? I use my Pokémon Black as storage so I have no problem transferring the legit Pokémon over to my brothers Black 2 if restarting is needed. Please respond, anyone. (With experience, not just your suspicion or guess)