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• It is in Rain

• It has a Choice Scarf

• It has 252 Speed EVs

• A nature that boosts speed

Sorry if you didnt understand I meant that all of these conditions apply. So it's like adding them all together. Das what I wanna know.

Can it outspeed a deoxys at max speed (no scarf)

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At 252 Evs, 31 IVs and Timid nature, Luvdisc's speed is 322.

With Swift Swim, it will double the speed, so x2 = 644.

With Choice Scarf, x1.5 = 966.

EDIT: disregarding IVs (say speed is 0), it will be

288 (Timid + 252 EVs)

x 2 = 576

x1.5 = 864

Conclusion: Dexoys can eat its heart out.

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It would outspeed non scarfed, max speed Deoxys.

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How did you get that answer? Explain your multiplicationz :3
Marzipan has it wrong, not me...
he has the same answer as you =-= he showed his work
How did I get it wrong? We both arrived at 966. :x Though, my maths is rubbish, but my calculation process made sense to me?
Oh I was looking at the 0 IVs one. And you didn't say "Show your work", you just asked what it's speed would be if it was under those conditions, and if it could outpace Deoxys.
Oh I only added that later because the question didn't mention IVs, so I thought I'd put that in.
Yes but I didn't see that you were doing it with 0 IVs, and thought you meant that with full IVs.
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Deoxys Speed Form max speed: 504

Luvdisc max speed: 322

with Scarf: 483

with Swift Swim: 966

So yes, I can outspeed Deoxys at Max Speed.

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Assuming it has 31 Speed IVs:
966 Speed. (322 x 1.5 = 483 x 2 = 966)

Deoxys-S' max Speed is 504. So yes, it would outspeed Deoxys-S in this case.

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