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Like, Snorlax's is fairly low in pitch.

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Jynx's cry is the longest. I remember going through the whole Pokedex to see which cry is the longest.
Ok yeah. I was incredibly bored.
Well, that's a surprise.
I think it's Dialga or Rayquaza, or probably some other Dragon type

verb (used without object)
to utter a sound representing a hesitation or pause in speech.

a sound or pause of hesitation. Compare hem2 (  def 3 ) .


1625–35;  imitative
In just the unova pokedex, Zekrom is the longest, and Sammurott is the longest starter's. Isn't Chandelures cry awesome?

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There's actually no ''loudest'' or ''softest'' cry, according to every site I visited.

Source: Various websites, including Bulbapedia, Serebii, Marriland.

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Lol I think this is the best answer we'll get :D
keep in mind, if a pokemon's HP is low, or if it just fainted, it's cry will be lowered.