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I want one that can learn the moves via level up, hm, or

breeding I want one that can do decent damage but

mostly can inflict status and take tons of hits. also

please include moveset.

P.S. amerturisu do not suggest gengar:)


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Magnezone would be an excellent choice, he has only 3 weaknesses, and can still hit hard with his own high powered attacks. He can cover his worst weakness with magnet rise. he even has screening potential.

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Torkoal has naturally high Defense, very passable Offensive Stats, and can use Amnesia just once for a Special Defense stat as good as its Defense. One turn of setup for a very good Multipurpose Wall.

It can pack Will-O-Wisp OR Toxic for crippling, and packs power Fire-type STABs, as well as potent other attacks, like Body Slam, Gyro Ball, and Earthquake.


Heat Wave (STAB)
Amnesia (Just one, and you've got very frightening bulk)
Gyro Ball (Backup attack)
Protect (use to negate an attack)



Sleep Talk / Amnesia
Heat Wave / Return / Gyro Ball / Earthquake

Plus it can Rapid Spin.
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Rhyperior is a good offensive wall, able to learn by level up Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Megahorn. However, if yo want Toxic, you will have to get the TM.

Other walls are Steelix and of course Shuckle.

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Well Sense I cant suggest gengar now :( I guess the next best thing is Bronzong.

Moveset: Gyro ball, Future sight, Explosion, and heal block.
Hold item: lagging tail (to power up gyro ball)

Issun's being annoying, huh?