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If an emboar( with the ability blaze) is in less than 1/3rd of its total hp, is holding a fire gem and is using a Blast burn (which is the first fire type move it is using), what will be the total output of his move?


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It would have 506.25 Base Power.
150 Base Power x 1.5 STAB x 1.5 Blaze x 1.5 Fire Gem = 506.25

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What if he was holding Choice or LO?
Choice band will be the same, and lifeorb will do 438.75
what if it was all that plus critical hit plus against leavanny
bro there are more powerful moves than this
he was just asking... he never said it was the most powerful huh??
@ cc_aussie: I need Leavanny and Emboar's exact stats to work that out.
it sometimes confuses me since I sometimes think doubling the BP doubles the damage, but it actually doesnt(right?)