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when I fight stage 2s? basics nearly ever give me much.

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you get exp in the tcg?
Which game are you talking about?
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Thanks Ayan for helping me understand this question. As Ayan said, higher evolutions tend to giveout more Experience, and while this is 100% true, I happen to know why. The way the Exp mechanics work, if you defeat a higher level Pokemon with a lower level Pokemon, the lower level Pokemon will gain more Exp than if they were the same level, because it was alower level. If a higher level Pokemon beats a lower level Pokemon, the same thing is applied, just backwards. The higher level Pokemon would gain less Exp than normal because it was a higher level, and the fight would have been easier, meaning it wouldnt get much experience from an easy fight. Since second and third evoltion Pokemon are almost always found in the wild at higher levels than their previous evolutions, more Exp will be gained, simply because their levels are higher. This is also a good deal part to the fact that higher evolutions have higher Base EXP (Thank to No1974 for that little tidbit).

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not necessarily i killed a lv 28 machop with a haunter and then directly after i killed a lv 28 machoke (this is in the wild) with the same haunter and got more experience for the machoke. and this is just one example
It's not just because their levels are higher, it's also because higher evolutions always have much higher 'base EXP', but good answer :)
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I've noticed the same thing in all of my Pokemon games. It's probably because stage 2 Pokemon are more powerful than stage 1. Also, it depends on the levels of both your Pokemon, and the enemy Pokemon. If you have a really strong Pokemon and your opponent is weaker, you will get less EXP than if the opponent is stronger than you. It also may be because stage 2 Pokemon are usually higher levels than stage 1.

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