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This is something I never noticed before. I am using a Raichu in my Sun playthrough, and noticed that it's leveling unnaturally quickly. When I defeat a Pokemon, it says it gained a "boosted" amount of EXP. What could be doing that? It isn't holding a Lucky Egg. I've never traded Raichu before, it's always remained in my card. I know that my EXP. Share is OFF - I do know that it can label it as "boosted" if used in battle while a Pokemon was under the effects of an EXP Share in Gen 5, but I haven't seen it since then. I'm rather confused.

Have you played with Raichu in Pokémon Refresh? You get boosted experience when the affection of your Pokémon goes up.

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It's possible that raising your Raichu's affection can lead to the boost of exp.
It happened when I raised my Decidueye's affection too.
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My Raichu isn't that high in affection iirc but I guess that's GF's way of making the game once again far too easy. Thanks.
Np. Btw I think the exp is boosted once you hit 2 hearts. Not sure though
smh GameFreak. You ezAF.
Mosmic Power is correct, 2 Hearts or more in Refresh will increase the EXP yield from battles