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So I'm doing a Nuzlocke and I'm in a bit of a predicament. The Blackthorn City's Gym Leader Clair probably has lvl 35-40 Pokémon while mine are stuck down at 31-33. Is there any good place to train for the Gym other than the Gym itself?

I'm don't really want to spend 2+ hours grinding, so speed is of the essence. My team consists of Nidoking, Togetic, Growlithe, Gyarados, Kingler, and Ampharos.


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A few good places to train for Clair:

  • Ice Path. Considering you have a few good types to combat Ice and Rock types, Ice Path us a good choice, although the weakest of the ones I'm listing, as not only does it have lower levels, its hell to go through.
  • Route 45. The route below Blackthorn. Good place to train.
  • Route 48. This route below Safari Zone, as well as routes 47 and 46 are also good choices, although there are not as many trainers tgroughout the routes.

Of course, if you just fight back with type advantages then theres no need to level up to about 36 or 37.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/960099-pokemon-heartgold-version/54070352

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Well, I guessed those were my only options. Thanks!