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I'm currently juggling two Nuzlockes — one in Platinum and one in HeartGold — and the grinding is killing me. I need to get my Platinum Pokémon from the low-to-mid 50s to 60 before tackling the Elite Four, and my HG team needs grinding before I can beat Claire. But the wild Pokémon yield so little Exp it's sad. I've tried using the Vs. Recorder to battle Trianers, but now their Exp yield is getting smaller. Is there any possible way to raise the level of wild Pokémon in these games?

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There was no way to legitly raise the level of wild Pokemon in gen IV. Dexnav is so far the only way to raise a wild Pokemons level(through chaining a pokiemon) and it wasnt introduced until gen VI.

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If a Pokemon with Hustle, Pressure, or Vital Spirit is leading the party, the chance of encountering a higher-leveled wild Pokémon increase by 50%. Unfortunately, you cannot have a fainted Pokemon leading the party to get the effects of these abilities because of the Nuzlocke, so it only works of one of the Pokemon you're grinding has the ability. Also, you can try to use the Repel Trick and combining it with a White Flute, but again, this only works if you have a fainted low-level Pokemon leading your party. There are ways to do it in these games, but not with Nuzlocke.

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i think he means beyond there normal level area
oops. though he didn't really define "raise the level".