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I'm at the Dragon Gym in my HeartGold Nuzlocke, and so far I'm currently underlevelled and outmatched. I think I have a plan to win with Magneton's Thunder and Slowking's Avalanche, but right now they're levels 37 and 38, respectively. I need a way to quickly level them up to at least 43. I've tried beating the Trainers in her Gym, but they give me the heebie-jeebies after one almost killed Magneton, so that's out od the question. I have already beaten all of the Trainers on Route 45, and the wild Pokémon aren't helping – they're all level 22-24. Same with the Ice Path. Please help!

I trained my pokemon in the ice cave, but it took forever.
I didn't need to grind mine if I'm correct. Why don't you try going and searching any routes that you may have missed and battle the trainers, maybe try the Ice Cave if you need to.
I have battled EVERYONE. And my team is only Lv. 35-38.
I haven't played the older versions in a long time. The nostalgia makes me anxious and want to cry.
Rebattle trainers by calling them on certain days

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Some good places to train that would be suitable for level 30-40 Pokemon....

-- On Route 26 and 27 (the wild Pokemon are between levels 25-35)

-- On Route 47 (You will find lots of Dittos that are between level 31 and level 40)

-- By the Cliff Cave, if you go up the waterfall, there's a small patch of grass with wild Pokemon that are between levels 31-35

Hope I helped!

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You can't reach Route 27 without Waterfall :(
You also can't reach the wild Pokémon by Cliff Cave without Waterfall.
I need to beat Claire to get Waterfall!
Sorry. I forgot about that. You can still try Route 26.