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Oh, these are my Pokemon: Magneton! lvl 19 moves: Thunder shock supersonic sonic boom thunder wave

Jynx lvl 24 moves:

  • Powder snow
  • DoubleSlap
  • Ice Punch
  • Mean Look

ZUBAT lvl: 16 moves:

  • Fly Baby Fly!
  • Bite that Face off!
  • Astonish on lucky last KINGDRA
  • Leech that Life!

Typhlosion lvl 40 moves:

  • My Strength
  • Cut your head off

Mr. Cuddles (GYAAAAARRR) Lvl: 47 moves:

  • Over the Sea with Surf!
  • Bite that Face off!
  • Going down a whirlpool...

Swinnnnuuub Lvl: 23 moves:

  • Mud in your face
  • Enduuure!
  • Mud Bomb!
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enter image description here Hey Kingdra, you are going down son! :P

Ok, firstly, Dragon type Pokemon aren't going to help you much.

Unless you are faster than Claire's Pokemon. I suggest planning out for an Ice type Pokemon. If you still want a Dragon type, read on. I have also included some possible Ice types to take into account.
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Dragon Types:

Obtainable Ingame:

  • Extreme Speed Dragonite (obtainable).
  • Kingdra


  • Garchomp
  • Flygon
  • Salamence

Obtained later in the game:

  • Rayquaza
  • Latios
  • Latias

These are the only Dragon types you can obtain in HGSS via trading or catching ingame. Not many choices right? Well, overall, my best bet for Pokemon you can catch ingame would be Kingdra itself. If you can, try and EV train it a bit in Speed while training the Horsea and Seadra up. If you manage to outspeed Claire's Kingdra, then your in luck and you will find yourself with a OHKO Dragon Pulse. Not only that, but the Extreme Speed Dragonite you obtain is great to use against Claire, at least taking two Dragon type STAB hits.

Via trading, Garchomp go. Garchomp will wreck the Gym fully. It will outspeed almost every Pokemon and with STAB Dragon Claw, you can sweep through.

Also, one more thing to add, any Pokemon that can learn Outrage via Level up or Move Tutor will come in extremely handy. Just start an Outrage sweep and the gym shouldn't be too hard. This is what I recommend.
enter image description here
Ice Types:

Obtainable Ingame:

  • Dewgong
  • Mamoswine
  • Cloyster
  • Jynx
  • Delibird
  • Weavile
  • Froslass
  • Glalie
  • Glaceon
  • Walrein
  • Abomasnow

    Now I'm guessing this is enough. You have so many choices of Ice types to choose from. Use any of these, train them and the gym will be a piece of cake. I strongly recommend Mamoswine. This is what I used in my play through and by experience I can strongly recommend this to you. Other great options would be Weavile, fast and strong and Dewgong. Being able to resist Water type attacks and pull of STAB Ice Beam to OHKO almost the whole team. Now Ice won't come useful against Kingdra, but will help you save other team members to defeat it later on.
    Goodluck :]
    Whoa this took me a while to type.

Ice type Pokemon.
Dragon type Pokemon.

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well, but kingdra's only weakness is dragon
I did the Garchomp trade with my brother... Claire was in tears >:)
Claire isn't that strong, its only you need a Ice and Dragon type Pokemon and she thinks twice about insulting us.
Use a Jynx. I know it looks like a moron but get it 5 levels higher than her highest and it will sweep her whole team with its Ice Beam.
You can only get espeednite only after tou beat her...
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i Would use Jynx Heres a good moveset

Lovely kiss: Good to put the foe asleep

Dream Eater: use it when your enemy is asleep

Ice beam: STAB Good power

Psychic: STAB Good power

Jynx /////Jofly

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You should probably just level up your current Pokemon a bit more, rather than catch a Dragon Pokemon and beginning training from there, since I think the only available ones are Dratini and Horsea (you need to trade to evolve into Kingdra anyway).

Dragon type Pokemon are not recommended for a Dragon gym, since you will also be taking x2 damage from Dragon moves as well.

Put an Ice or Dragon type move on a Water Pokemon instead. A lot of different Pokemon can learn Dragon Pulse, so consider than an option.

Dragon Pulse (list of Pokemon)