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wich is better ?


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Which tier? Well they'd both only be viable in NU...

In any case, Armaldo for Rapid Spinning in NU. NU doesn't have a lot of Rapid Spinners, but that's NU for you. Most of them are weak to Stealth Rock themselves, though Wartortle holding Eviolite is a common Rapid Spinner. Armaldo also has the rather unfortunate abysmal speed, meaning it's likely to get KO'd before it can even use Rapid Spin.

Cradily for Storm Drain and immunity to Leech Seed. An okay typing, many of its weaknesses are negated, though it doesn't have too many useful resistances. You can also give it Rest/ Sleep Talk set, along with Curse and one sole attacking move, making it into a poor man's Snorlax (kind of).

If you already have a Rapid Spinner, go with Cradily. It can make a good addition to your NU team and a nice stall, with high defence and special defence.

If you don't have a Rapid Spinner... you don't have a lot of choice in NU, the other viable ones being Torkoal or Wartortle. If this is RU, use Cryogonal instead. At least it can muster itself as a specially defensive wall that has a decent speed.

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NU NU NU. So kewl.

Crad has no niche in NU, almost, other than a Special Wall, which it does superbly well. It has a sexy typing with good Abilities. It can also work as a Baton Pass receiver, with Suction Cups. Cradily is also pretty versatile, being able to run Curse or even Swords Dance.

Armaldo, on the other hand, is a Rapid Spinner. Not the best, but still the most used Rapid Spinner. It can also work on Rain teams, with Swift Swim, or even go fully offensive with Swords Dance. It can be used outside of Rapid Spin support.

Use Armaldo if you need Rapid Spin. Use Cradily for everything else, except Stall, because it isn't great at it.